Poop to Power, “Show Me” style…

Wow, what a long day… And it looks like there will be more like it in the near future, so the posts won’t come as frequently as I’d like. But I couldn’t pass up this news on an odd development in biofuels subsidies:

After a decade of intensive development, the first commercial-scale waste-to-oil plant based on the Thermal Conversion Process (TCP) by Changing World Technologies is successfully processing up to 270 tons of poultry offal into 300 barrels of oil daily in Carthage, Missouri. The waste to oil process, however, treads a fine line between what is considered renewable energy and what’s not. The company would like to see their approach approved for federal biodiesel tax credits — which they are presently excluded from.

Apparently, wording in the Jobs Bill of 2004 limits a biofuel credit to fuels developed from “virgin soybeans and used cooking oil.” While it’s great that these sources are receiving subsidies, I agree with CEO of CWT that

…the playing field must be leveled to encourage the growth of new renewable liquid fuels by broadening the definition of eligible technologies. Parity for bio-fuels must be achieved by extending the biodiesel credit or providing a similar credit to other sustainable fuel sources.

From RenewableEnergyAccess.com.

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