Potlatch Receives Forest Stewardship Council Certification

On Thursday, Sept. 1, the Potlatch Corporation

became the only publicly traded, integrated forest products company in the U.S. to achieve full certification under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Full certification was achieved when 319,000 acres of its Minnesota forestland met the strict environmental, social and economic standards of the internationally recognized Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

For those of you aware of FSC certification requirements, you know that this is no small accomplishment by Potlatch. Among the standards set for full certification:

* International recognition that the forest management does not put the forestΒ΄s natural heritage at risk and that the management activities efforts are appropriate.
* The assurance that forest management practices are responsible and will be further improved.
* The assurance that wood harvesting is legal.
* The assurance that the rights of workers and indigenous communities are respected.
* The assurance that areas of natural wealth and endangered wildlife habitat are not being negatively affected.

Congratulations to Potlatch! Let’s hope other forest products companies heed their example.

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