Quick Notes from the Auto Show

I’m taking a few minutes in the media center before I head off to Subaru’s press conference, and then head to the airport. A couple of quick things:

  • Governor Ahh-nold was here this morning — got details up at TH. Overall, it was a pretty run of the mill media appearance…
  • Met with a technology manager from Shell, Jens Mueller-Belau, and did a short but intense interview. I’ve got it on a digital recorder — as soon as I get home and get the cord for it (it’s borrowed), I’ll have the audio up for you.
  • Went to see the second protest event by the Rainforest Action Network, JumpStart Ford and the Ruckus Society — a “Greenwash Carwash.” It was fun, informative, and better attended than yesterday’s event. They borrowed an H2, “washed” it with green food coloring (I assume), all while dancing to a variety of 60s-era beach music. They’re certainly making their point; they’re likely not making many friends (which I don’t suppose is their plan). I must admit I felt a bit ambivalent — I admire their passion, but am not sure how much they accomplished. Given the severity of the ecological threats facing us, we’ve got to stay strategic in our outreach and outcry… I don’t know that we’ve got time for action that won’t lead to direct, measurable results. Fire away…

Otherwise, I’m tired… it’s been a great time, though. Many thanks to Tristan Roy of Edelman for serving as the perfect host, and to Shell for the opportunity. Just in case I haven’t made it crystal clear, here’s the disclaimer one more time:

Shell has underwritten Jeff McIntire-Strasburg’s travel expenses to attend the LA Auto Show. Jeff is not required to blog about Shell products or initiatives. The only Shell requirement as a condition of underwriting these expenses was to include this disclosure of this relationship on sustainablog.

I’m almost gone, but I’m not done — will have at least one more post here and at Treehugger.

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