Quick Product Post: Lite2Go

This came through the inbox today, and I thought it was cool: the Lite2Go.

Knoend introduces lite2go, a new multi-functional lamp that eliminates packaging. This one-step, ready-to-use solution includes an electric cord and an energy efficient compact florescent light bulb. The packaging itself becomes the shade for the light bulb and fixture contained within. It is designed to be versatile in use as either a hanging or a table lamp. The lite2go offers surprise and elegance in a simple, low-cost and lightweight package. Available Spring 2007.

Knoend is an ecodesign start-up, and this looks like just one of several products they’ll be marketing. The image isn’t great (at least after I did my thing with it), but the idea of a package-free product (any package-free product) is kind of revolutionary. I wish them luck…

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