10 Awesome Recycled Chandeliers

There are so many creative people out there that have a desire to reduce waste through upcycling. Every week you can find more and more dedicated to the topic, and it is incredible how many examples of reuseability we come across. It is important that we keep thinking up ways to put what would usually go into a landfill to good use.

Here are 10 extremely creative chandeliers that have been made withΒ recycled materials to great effect.

1. Bike Wheel Chandelier

Bike Wheel Chandelier

I have always really liked the look of bike wheels in design. The circular shape is nice, and the glint of the metal makes it a great material. Plus, you can do a lot with the spokes. This Etsy user made a really cool chandelier out of one, and it looks like it could go in any home anywhere. This one is a little costly, but you could use the basic design to make your own.

2. Spoon Chandelier

Spoon Chandelier

These are some of the best I have seen anywhere. The creators took a number of spoons, polished them up and attached them in a cascading design for one, and a layered design for the other. What makes these so cool is that way the light reflects off of the metal. It actually takes a second to realize what it is they made it out of.

3. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Michelle Brand created this awesome eco-friendly, upcycled chandelier for HauteGREEN in 2007, and it was one of the more impressive pieces that year. At first glance it looks like a hanging chandelier made of transparent, sculpted flowers that allow the light to shine through to cause a sparkling effect. But they are really the bottoms of upcycled plastic bottles that once held spring water.

4. Wedding Chandelier

Wedding Chandelier

This maker used anything she could get – old wine and plastic bottles, vases, containers found at second-hand stores, reused fabrics and other items – to created these cool chandeliers and lighting fixtures for her tent wedding. The result was really cool and modern.

5. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandelier

This is a more complicated design, but still really great for a restaurant setting, or just a home kitchen or dining room. The use of the colored glass that is still transparent enough to let through some light is perfect.

6. Post-It Chandelier

Post-It Chandelier

Obviously this isn’t one that will last long. But it is still a cool idea, and definitely easy to replace and fix. As you can see, they also used it for a lamp that gives them a nice chance to match it up. The only problem I have with this is that the paper is thick enough to really dim the light.

7. Mug Chandelier

Mug Chandelier

Mugs and tea cups are so easy to find at second-hand shops for a couple of bucks a piece, or maybe you have gotten a new set and have to get rid of the ones you have. This user shows how you can make either a chandelier or a singular lamp out of mugs hanging down from the ceiling. The only issue I can see is working out how to get the bottom out without cracking the rest of the ceramic.

8. Pencil Chandelier

Pencil Chandelier

I doubt many people have this many pencils laying around. But, if you happen to have a few hundred that you need to find a use for, this is definitely an interesting idea. I can only imagine how long it took to sharpen those all to a point and stick them together like that. But on the plus side, if you need a pencil you could just reach up and pluck one out.

9. Plastic Cups Chandelier

Plastic Cups Chandelier

These are actually my favorites of the entire bunch because of the disco ball look. The first is great because of the overall circular orb. But the second is fantastic just because of the clear cups reflecting the central light that looks like a glaring nexus.

10. Doll Chandelier

Doll Chandelier

I have to admit I find this one creepy. Seriously, all those hanging dolls look like they are being held up by nooses – it is just too weird. If you want to really make an impression (and potentially make your friends suspect you are a serial killer), then I guess this is a good one for you.

All it takes is creativity, and you can make just about anything. Do you have a good idea how a chandelier, or have you seen a cool example of one? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Josh

    I think the pencil one is actually made out of toothpicks and not pencils. My sister has a similar one. It’s actually quite small with a smallish candelabra bulb. Very nifty though.

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