So, after getting some much-need sleep, I got a chance to think about the incident yesterday with the “How to Save the World Post.” Needless to say, I’m a bit embarrassed — I certainly didn’t mean to label a call to destruction as “inspiring,” and yet I did it. That got me thinking about blogging and why I do it. My goal from the beginning has been to promote positive developments in sustainable development, green business, conscious lifestyle choices, and environmental politics. And though the blogosphere certainly doesn’t feel like the competitive pressure cooker that exists with the mainstream media, it’s easy to get into a mindset of “I want to get this up before anyone else.” I let that mindset get the best of me yesterday.

So, both faithful and new readers, an early resolution: I’ll slow down a bit and make sure I’m absolutely certain I know what I’m posting before doing so. Blogging has become a passion — I truly enjoy the search for new information, and the opportunity to think out loud on these developments. At the same time, there’s responsibility involved, and I’ll keep that fact at the front of my mind as I choose items to post. I want Sustainablog to be a place where you can come and find the best ideas and developments in sustainability.

Finally, I hope Dave Roberts isn’t the only one to ever call me on problems or mistakes — I’m sure they’re there. I welcome your response, your correction, your instruction… This media is wonderful in that we can all converse as equals on topics about which we care deeply.


Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

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