The Relatively Simple DIY Bike Trailer [Video]

diy bike trailer

I’ve been thinking a lot about bike trailers lately… namely, if I had one, I’d probably use my bike a lot more. If I’ve got places to go that only require my presence, a bike’s a great transportation option; if I need to carry more than I can fit in a messenger bag, though, it becomes much more difficult.

So, as I often do, I thought “Hey, I’ll see what’s out there in terms of ideas for DIY bike trailers… and maybe turn it into a post.” I did dig around, but, unlike some of the other project collections I’ve put together, many plans for bicycle trailers and carts require a fairly high level of skill (welding, anyone). And, truthfully, after a quick look through products available on Google, I also realized that such products aren’t that expensive – if you’re not a hardcore DIYer, you may just want to go shopping.

But this plan from DIY struck me as do-able for someone with relatively limited building skills (that’s me!), and the creator made use of leftover plywood and other materials. Β That’s all right up our alley… so if you’re interested, sit back and take a look:

Of course, if you’ve got skills in metal work and such, by all means, check out these other plans I found:

If you build any of these, let us know (and share pictures!).

Image source: Screen capture from “Homemade Bicycle Trailer | 200+ lb capacity”

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