Reuse, the Movie: How Ordinary Americans are Putting Trash to Work

If you’ve spent any amount of time here at sustainablog, you know we’re big fans of reuse: recycling’s great and all, but why add more energy and material to an item’s footprint if it can be repurposed or upcycled? So I was definitely drawn to the story of Alex Eaves and his company Stay Vocal, which creates “new” t-shirts out of shirts that have, at the very least, been created for other uses… in some cases, they’re pre-owned (and, thus, pre-worn).

Alex is very good at putting together events for exposing people to the joys and possibilities of reuse: a few years ago, I wrote about his “Reuse and Schmooze” tour over at the Sundance Channel. He’s going back on tour this Summer, and, this time, he wants to make a movie about the ideas for reuse he picks up from other people. I’ll let him explain:

So, yes, he’s got a Kickstarter campaign going. Time is getting short – six days – and he still has a bit over $5000 to raise to support the tour and film. Got a few bucks you can kick in to help spread the word about reuse? I’m sure he’d be grateful…

As you might imagine, we’re always on the lookout for cool reuse ideas, too; if you’ve got ’em, share ’em… in the comments.

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