Ridesharing Service Ridejoy Comes to the iPhone

ridejoy's ridesharing app for the iphone

Still looking for a ride to Burning Man? Not only do you still have some time, but, as of yesterday, you’ve now got more options for finding one. Last week, I took a look at Ridejoy’s focus on the crowd heading to “the playa” in the Northern Nevada desert; this week, the company’s released its mobile app for finding and offering rides (to anywhere) on the go.

As you’d expect, you can do pretty much anything on the app that you’d want to do through the company’s website: find or offer a ride, check out the people that want to join you, etc. In addition, the app (which is only available to iPhone users right now) gives you the power to

  • chat with potential ridemates,
  • automatically search for rides/riders with its Autopilot “set it and forget it” function, and
  • scan your credit card to pay for your ride.

I have not tried the app (I’ve got an Android phone), but I have heard from friends who tested it out for Ridejoy, and they love it. It’s free, so if you’ve got an iPhone, you Β might want to take it for a spin. Yep, the service is most popular on the West Coast, but just in the time I checked out their site, I saw ride offers pop up for the Southest – word’s getting around!

Used Ridejoy before? Or another rideshare service? Tell us about your experience.

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