S4: Substance, Sexiness, Style, Sustainability

Apologies for missing you last night… really tired. While the job’s been hectic, the green scene keeps me keeps me invigorated. Had the opportunity to do another interview with Summer Rayne Oakes this weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed our chat. The interview itself will be up on Treehugger, hopefully this week, maybe next, but I did want to point to S4, Summer Rayne’s new industry newsletter. While she’s made a name for herself by being on the cover of magazines, S4 proves that Summer’s also got the chops for filling one with lively, very informative writing (but we knew that…). The first issue is subtitled “The Moso Issue,” and if you don’t know what moso is (I didn’t), it’s a species of bamboo that fashion designers around the world are growing to love. S4 takes a close look at the environmental and social costs and benefits of this green material, and shows what some of the fashion world’s hottest names are doing with it. It’s a great read, but don’t expect fluff — Summer brings her scientific training and marketing savvy to bear on this latest craze.

The public version of the newsletter is available for free — all you have to do is register. There’s a longer version, but that’s only for clients of SRO, Summer Rayne’s consulting and multimedia company. Read, enjoy, learn… it’s surprising to see the impact a grass species can have not only on fashion, but also on the environment, and the local communities where it’s grown.

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