Safeway Going Green…Big-Time

From Greenbiz via TriplePundit, news that grocery giant Safeway has committed to a major purchase of renewable energy:

Safeway Inc. has announced that it will purchase 100% renewable energy to power the company’s 270 fuel stations in the United States, its 15 stores in San Francisco, and the Safeway corporate campuses in Pleasanton and Walnut Creek, Calif. …

“Protecting the environment and conserving our nation’s valuable energy resources is something that Safeway and our customers care deeply about,” said executive vice president Larree Renda. “By powering our fuel stations, stores and corporate offices with wind energy, we are taking a leadership role in using cleaner sources of electricity.”

The EPA, using average avoided carbon dioxide emissions nationally, estimates that Safeway’s purchase is equivalent to avoiding more than 85 million pounds of carbon dioxide, comparable to planting more than 10,500 acres of trees. Each store reduces carbon dioxide emissions by an equivalent of planting 200 acres of trees. The emissions reduction per fuel stations is equivalent to planting 24 acres of trees.

Nick labels this “…a massive coup for alternative energy.” I would assume that Safeway sees business sense behind this move, which is also very good news.

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