Sandhill Farm: Eating Homegrown

sandhill farm
Raising food at Sandhill Farm

Sandhill Farm is a small agricultural intentional community located in northeastern Missouri, neighbors of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. The community has been farming organically for 35 years and provides most of their own organic food* through a combination of gardens, field crops, raising poultry and bees, growing mushrooms, sugaring, and more. Sandhill’s six members grow food responsibly: they do it in a way that is good for the land and for their own health, without chemicals, and with minimal machine work.

This Dancing Rabbit TV video gives us a closer glimpse into the agricultural lifestyle of Sandhill Farm: how members of the community actually grow their own food, and how this lifestyle is central to community life at Sandhill Farm.


Here’s some additional food for thought (pun sorta unintended): what if agricultural models across the country more closely resembled this, instead of the industrial, chemical-laden, impersonal, and unhealthy corporate farms that we’re now all too familiar with? What if more people lived cooperatively to support themselves and shared in all of the love and labor in growing and processing their own organic food*?

Check it out!

*link to a page in the sustainablog store

Image credits: Sandhill Farm OPL Β©left 2002-2003

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