Santa Fe Community Comes Together Around New Sustainability Center

From the New Mexican, news of a new center at Santa Fe Community College that “aims to foster clean, beneficial , self-sustaining water and energy projects to shape Santa Fe’s social, economic and environmental future.” While located on-campus, the center is an effort by the whole community, including city and country governements, the Santa Fe Business Incubator and nonprofit group Local Energy.

The center grew out of last year’s recommendation by a city-hired consultant that Santa Fe become β€œthe water-conservation and clean-energy capital of the United States,” said Kris Swedin, director of the economicdevelopment division of the city Community Services Department….

Swedin said initial projects might concern biomass, gray-water systems or β€œsomething even more efficient than any of us have dreamed of yet.” But, she said, the hope is that new businesses will be able to use the center to see how their ideas work in a realworld application.

It β€œaffords the opportunity for people to really put these applications into effect in real buildings so you can see if they really work, that they have the intended results,” Swedin said.

It’s great to see a city coming together, at least at the official levels, around the concept of promoting sustainability. We’ll definitely keep an eye on this…

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