SC Couple Dreams of Green Beer

Hey, that got your attention, didn’t it? Haven’t written about the beverage industry for a while, but came across this great story from the Beaufort, South Carolina, Gazette. Josh Brewer and his wife Alexia Chianis have a dream: they’d like to build the “Southeast’s premiere green brew pub.” Now, we’re not talking about that crap that gets passed around on St. Patrick’s Day, but a good sustainable microbrew. Right now, the couple’s dream is on hold because of money, so they’re hoping that their entry into Wiley Publishing’s “What Brew are You?” business plan competition will provide the seed funds they need. If they win the contest, or find other funding, their plans are pretty spectacular, sustainability-wise:

Brewer doesn’t just plan to open a brewery, though. He and Chianis plan to build the first business in Beaufort to attain certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, which would entitle the business to tax advantages.

“In overall upfront costs, (a green building) will be more expensive, but in the end we’ll save,” Chianis said. “And being environmentally responsible makes it all worthwhile. We were doing it anyway and we thought, ‘Hey, we might be able to get certification.'”

Brewer’s will have no-flush urinals, recycled glass countertops and blue-jean insulation, and its employees will be given incentives to ride bikes to work. Leftover brewing supplies will be used as feed for local cattle, and Brewer’s will serve food, beer and coffee made with organic ingredients.

“In addition to being Beaufort’s first brew pub, we’ll be green, we’ll be aligned with the local farming and art communities and we’ll fill a void in dining and entertainment,” Brewer said. “We’ll bring a bit of hip, local art and eclectic live music that enhances but doesn’t overwhelm.”

Sounds very cool, much like St. Louis’ own Schlafly Bottleworks (I love that place!). Want to help Brewer and Chianis reach their dream? Watch their video on the contest site (third down on the left), and vote for them. Unfortunately, I discovered this late, so there’s only about an hour left to vote… hurry! Good luck to Josh and Alexia!

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