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Being away with limited access for several days can only mean one thing: a pile-up of great posts from across the Sustainable Blogosphere. So I’ll take a page from compadres Dave Roberts and Spinneyhead and give you a little taste of lots of things…

  • Adventures in Ethical Consumerism gives us a review of Darwin’s Nightmare, a documentary about the Lake Victoria, Africa, fishing industry, and its ecological and socioeconomic damage.
  • WorldChanging has posted another response to “The Death of Environmentalism” by Alan AtKisson titled “Re-Birth of an Environmentalist.”
  • Alternative Energy~Renewable Energy points out the projected growth of green power in the US (with a caveat), and the rise of wind power capacity worldwide in 2004. The Future is Green also hits on this later piece of news.
  • Network-Centric Advocacy directs us to Commonbits, “a free community directory of progressive political media that anyone can contribute to.”
  • Green Digit is providing daily coverage of the Natural Products Expo.
  • Treehugger gives up more info on Yale University’s Sustainable Food Project.
  • Conscious Clicks details the progress of Harvey v. Veneman, a case in the US Court of Appeals that will likely have wide repercussions for organic agriculture.
  • Compostlandia explains why buying a hybrid may now be seen as an act of patriotism.
  • Organic Matter posts news that global warming may be inevitable regardless of our efforts to change it.
  • And Triple Pundit notices a clean, green business idea from Germany.

Of course, that merely scratches the surface…

Still playing witht the Vivavi links — they are “temporarily offline.” Looking for suggestions of other green/sustainable businesses that I can affiliate sustainablog with…

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