Searching for the Coolest Congregation

Representing 5,000 congregations, Interfaith Power & Light is challenging faith communities to get serious about climate change. The organization recently launched a carbon footprint calculator designed specifically for congregations.

In order to encourage faith communities to lower their footprints, $5000 will go to the group with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per person. Another $5000 will go to the congregation that has shrunk its carbon footprint the most (as a percentage) after one year. To be eligible, participating groups have until December 31, 2008 to measure their footprints.


Interfaith Power & Light, a religious response to global warming, is the national campaign of The Regeneration Project, which is an interfaith nonprofit based in San Francisco, CA devoted to deepening the connection between ecology and faith.

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    Dear Rev Chad,

    In your Christmas greetings ypu don’t mention Jesus, Christianity, the Church, salvation or any other Christian belief or doctrine. Why is that?

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