Senate Energy Bill Passes Overwhelmingly

That’s the news all over the wires, and the New York Times even claims that this bill “…Strives to Balance Oil and Alternatives.” Unfortunately, this article doesn’t give us the numbers to judge this balance, noting that $14 billion has been approved for “tax incentives for oil and gas production as well as development of wind, solar and other emerging energy sources.” I’m certainly glad to see incentives for purchases of energy-efficient appliances and hybrid cars, though, again, the devil’s in the numbers… (a bit of a malapropism, but you get the idea). There’s still a ways to go, though, as a joint House-Senate conference begins hashing out differences between the two bills. We’ve still got ANWR drilling to watch, as well as “the Hammer’s” pet project of letting MTBE producers off the hook. And, of course, then there’s Dubya…

Mike at Green Car Congress has posted a detailed run-down of amendments added to the bill, also.

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