Seven Sexy Solar Homes: a Slideshow

Image credit: Jeremy Levine Design
A beautiful solar house design

Image credit: Jeremy Levine Design at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

Editor’s note: Hey, everyone’s doing the slideshow thing, right? To move through the pages, simply click on the page numbers at the bottom of each slide…

Who knew that solar homes and Sophia Loren had so much in common? Solar homes have looks that could kill, absorb more sunlight than Demi Moore in Blame It On Rio, and look as modern and sexy as any catwalk in Paris.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and many equally sexy solar homes blend perfectly into their neighborhood, proving that eco-home does not have to mean eco-chic. Indeed, all it really takes to significantly cut energy use in any home is some clever design and an understanding of the interconnectivity of home construction, people and environment. Our sun is the reason for life on this planet, and the sexiest homes will understand that, use it harmoniously—passively, in green building parlance—and in the process, make life more comfortable for residents, community and world.

The following seven homes exemplify the perks of solar home building. Traditionally, the sexiest American homes have been the biggest—the McMansions of the housing boom, or the exotic celebrity villas Robin Leach once so famously touted. But green and solar homes are reclaiming sexy for the small, the industrious, the energy-efficient and the tech-savvy. Not that all solar homes are simply yurts on a sunny hilltop. Using modern design, a solar home can comfortably house a family of four or more, as a few of these examples illustrate. Uniform in solar home construction, you will see, is an unrelenting and comprehensive focus on efficiency, from the design to the materials to the construction process itself. Observe…

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