Seven Sexy Solar Homes: a Slideshow

#2 – The MK Lotus


On the smaller side of “eco-prefab” comes the Lotus, designed by Michelle Kaufmann of MK Designs. Readers from San Francisco may know this sexy 700 square-foot solar home by sight, as it resides on a patch of land directly in front of SF City Hall. Like its Santa Monica cousin, the Lotus is Zero Energy, pre-fab (assembled in just a few days) and solar-powered. The shell incorporates a green roof, solar hot water heaters and solar panels*, which create enough electricity to power the home and charge an electric vehicle via the plug-in on the side of the house. Other energy-efficient and eco-friendly features include passive solar heat, daylighting, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, zero-VOC paint, EcoResin, FSC-certified wood and fly-ash concrete. All that and a beautiful, open-air, big-feel design make the Lotus one of the sexiest solar homes in the West.

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