Seven Sexy Solar Homes: a Slideshow

#3 – America’s First LEED-Platinum Home


LivingHomes is a leading developer of high-end, energy-efficient pre-fabs and noteworthy recipient of the first ever LEED for Homes Platinum certification for this super-energy-efficient home in Santa Monica, California. It’s a 2,500 square-foot prototype built in 2006 for LivingHomes founder Steve Glenn. The model home is aβ€”get thisβ€”Zero Energy, Zero Water, Zero Waste, Zero Carbon and Zero Emissions home. Solar thermal collectors heat water for use in showers, sinks and for the radiant floor heating system. A 2.4-kilowatt solar electric system provides up to 80 percent of the house’s electricity demand. Given the size of the house, that is a small home solar power system providing a large percentage of energy, illustrating the use of passive solar design and efficient construction to minimize heating, cooling and electrical needs. The LivingHomes model was built in a factory and assembled on site in only one day.

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