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I haven’t yet seen An Inconvenient Truth, though I am thinking about taking some time this afternoon — would love to hear from those of you who have seen it. Everything I’ve read, though, has been incredibly positive (well, except for a few things from various right-wing organizations and rags — but we expected that, right?). One viewer, Santa Cruz resident Eric Pan, was so inspired by the film that he’s created SharetheTruth.us, a site dedicated to creating a sort of peer-to-peer network for paying for others to see the film. According to Eric,

Sharethetruth has one goal: to relentlessly encourage the viewing of one very necessary movie. It will promote An Inconvenient Truth, ask others to help, and use every sensible means possible to advance public awareness of its lucid science. I am in no way affiliated with Paramount Classics or Participant Productions, though I will certainly write them for assistance in this cause. At climatecrisis.net, I learned that Paramount is donating 5% of ticket sales to the Alliance for Climate Protection. Maybe they’d be willing to donate 5% more to help more people see the movie (generating publicity and sales)? We shall see.

As of June 15th, you can donate to sharethetruth!

Site users may pledge donations on a forum that Eric’s created — in fact, you can make your pledge directly to another person. He’s created several “how-to” posts, all of them encouraging complete transparency in the process. While he makes it clear that the site and donation process are very much works in progress, I can’t see why this won’t work as is… Obviously, trust is a factor in all of this, but, as he points out, a donor can choose to purchase the tickets themselves, making it nearly impossible for someone to scam the system (I suppose someone can always sneak into a different theatre, but what are you going to do about that…?). Mostly, I’m just really impressed that the film has inspired such action. I can’t wait to see the film, and will see what I can do as far as pledging some tickets to others.

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