Sheep Poo Paper Coming to the US

Last month, I published a post at Treehugger about Sheep Poo Paper, the signature product from Creative Paper Wales. The brand name tells you what you need to know — CPW makes this paper from sheep poop. The won the British millennium Award from non-profit UnLtd, and are now bringing their unique product to the States:

Creative Paper Wales is currently in discussion with a Fair Trade eco-sensitive goods store in Manhattan, New York and is beginning discussions with a wide range of such stores across the US in order sell their popular line of Christmas season greeting cards as Christmas approaches.

In addition to their best selling Christmas card line, Creative Paper Wales introduces their Sheepy di Bergerac or “I Love Ewe”Β” Valentine cards to the US market. We are certain that the sheer humor behind the gifting of romantic correspondence atop paper made from sheep poo will prove to be a waggish venture.

I love a company with a sense of humor, and given their product, CPW should have one… would you sell paper made from poop with a straight face? Of course, I also love a company that finds a use for wastes: Sheep Poo Paper combines the poop with recycled paper, and the water used to wash the smelly stuff is distributed to local farmers as a concentrated fertilizer. Keep an eye out for these in eco-conscious gift shops…

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