Singing Songs of a Sustainable World

From a press release on PR Web, I came across the website and work of independent musician Kristine Robin. The release promotes an online video Robin has created entitled “Creating the World of Our Dreams.”

Robin’s video, featuring her song “One is the Sun” from her debut album “Everchanging Tides,” combines music, images and words to address this provocative question. By collaborating with photographers from around the world she was able to obtain vivid images to pose this question as well as to tell stories reflecting on humanity’s challenges and triumphs.

Robin says, “I sometimes think about what kind of life my three children will have when they’re grown and want to have homes and children of their own.”

I watched the video and enjoyed it. Robin’s music definitely has a “world music” vibe, and the song features “…a prayer spoken in Native Cheyenne by her adopted Cheyenne grandfather, Eugene Blackbear … The intent of the prayer, which humbly asks Creator to help guide the people of the world safely through these tough times, is certainly something we can all appreciate.” The images in the video are certainly powerful, focusing on environmental degradation and beauty, as well as spirituality and human connection. I’ll definitely have to spend some more time exploring Robin’s web site.

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