Six Smart Home Technologies For Safer, Greener Seniors

smart home technologies for seniors

Smart home technology often seems like something out of The Jetsons – but it’s a fast growing industry, with equipment that can control all elements of daily living.

Modern seniors are looking to age in place and reduce their environmental impact. Let’s explore the smart home technologies that make aging in place easier – and greener – than ever for seniors.

1. The Shower of Tomorrow

Seniors move slower and take longer in the shower. As well they should. The bathroom is the number one location in the home for slips and falls. Smart showers help savvy seniors save money on water and energy use.

Smart showers recycle and filter used shower water. It analyzes the water, draining away dirty water. At the same time, smart showers treat, reheat and reuse the clean water. This results in 80% energy and water savings as compared to traditional showerheads.

Most convenient for seniors, smart showers like the EcoVéa shower have pushbutton electronic interfaces. The digital controls are easier for seniors with mobility difficulties. This mitigates the risk of burns and scalding from a hot surge of water.

2. The Toilet of The Future

The lid lifts when you approach. The seat is warm in anticipation of your arrival. Your favorite music syncs with your smart phone and plays through the built-in speakers. The electronic bidet function makes clean up easier. Not only that, but smart toilets use less water than conventional models.

The next generation smart toilet can also manage your health. It will keep a record of stool frequency and bowel habits. It will track consistency and straining. It will analyze the data for optimal health and send information to designated caregivers. Your care team can use the information to help you stay regular.

This gives new meaning to the term “porcelain throne!”

3. The Power Source of The Digital Age

Today, 20 percent of electric use goes to phantom loads – energy drained while devices draw power in stand-by mode. Conventional plugs also make seniors bend over or crouch in awkward positions. But, the humble power outlet is getting smarter.

Seniors can now control smart power strips via iPhone apps. This smart tech ratchets down energy consumption when appliances are in standby mode. Also, seniors no longer need to bend over and click the power switch. This takes a load off old backs and joints, and reduces the risk of accidents.

Many of us will experience age-related memory loss. Smart power strips mean we never have to worry whether we turned off the iron before we left home.

For more information on smart power strips, see Pivot Power Genius, Belkin WeMo Strips, Visible Energy Wifi Power Strip, or ThinkEco Modlet.

4. The Ceiling Fan of The Selfie Era

The smart fan has a computer and sensors. It knows when you’re uncomfortable and need more air circulation. Smart fans like the Haiku from Delta T monitor your room’s temperature and humidity. It adjusts fan speed for your increased convenience. It learns your comfort preferences and adjusts to what you need. You never need to run it when you’re not there, but it starts up when you enter a room.

Seniors will live safer and no longer have to fiddle with the ceiling fan pull chain dance again. Moreover, the fan saves energy, nicely stretching fixed income dollars.

5. Next Generation HVAC

HVACs can be a major drain on electricity, especially if you live in a temperate climate. Next-generation HVACs feature tools that enable you to track your energy use. They help save costs and control temperature at the touch of a button. You can gain digital insight into where you are saving or wasting energy. They can tell you how your actions impact your carbon footprint and they can compare your energy use to other homes.

Heating issues are a major concern for seniors as they manage costs and keep the home warm during cold winters and cool during hot summers. Programmable thermostats like the Nest help seniors and caregivers. A caregiver can watch the temperature from afar, helping them maintain comfort in their homes.

6. Cool Roofs And Blade Runner Windows

Maybe you can move beyond smart HVAC to no HVAC? Seniors can take the next step to carbon net zero and install a cool roof. Depending on the season and the temperature, cool roofs reflect or absorb more of the sun’s rays. This offers more insulation when compared to standard roofing. Cool roofs improve exterior and interior temperatures of a home. This decreases the need for HVAC and reduces CO2 emissions to boot.

To maximize their energy savings, seniors can pair their cool roofs with dynamic glass windows. Seniors can adjust their window tint via a mobile device. Smart windows are a good option rather than messing with stuck vertical blinds or adding unneeded light.

There you go. Here are six life-changing, earth saving smart home technologies. Not only are these products better for environmental sustainability, but they are also perfect for seniors aging in place. Go forth and enter the future!

 is the Co-CEO and President of Alert-1, an aging-in-place technology company headquartered in Williamsport, Pennsylvania with offices nationwide. Shayne has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Harvard College and a Masters in Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Shayne hails from Maryland, and now calls the Bay Area home.

  1. Chase McDowell

    Wow, the future is here. I can’t even imagine what tomorrow will bring. I wasn’t aware of any of these technologies, and they all sound absolutely amazing. The idea of being able to control most of my house from my phone as well as moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle at the same time is very exciting. Thanks for examples of companies that make the products too; made further research much easier.

  2. Tracy

    Wow, I need these in my house! Appliances that learn your preferences and don’t need direction to do their thing + are sustainable? It’s super exciting that this technology is becoming more widespread!

  3. Kristel

    These are some really exciting things for the home! Even though I am not yet a senior, I’d love to have the Shower of Tomorrow!

  4. Miles

    Looking to help my parents remodel and only really thought of additions/add-ons. Didn’t think about HVAC but smart home tech appears like a seamless way to track energy use. Thanks for the fun read!

  5. Jeff

    Great to see technology linked to iPhones apps helping out the elderly. First step is to teach my parents how to use a smart phone!

  6. Christina

    These smart home technologies are great! I really like how the smart shower and toilet really conserve water use, especially considering that many of us are living in places with severe drought.

  7. Nick Lyons

    Fun info! My retired parents are enjoying their free time by making nice upgrades to their homes. These could add some fun to the project too!

  8. Wilson

    These small little tips are great for home improvements. My parents can sure use some of these home improvements especially in their bathroom to prevent them for slipping and falling. Great read!

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