Inspiring: Hundreds of Jaw-Dropping Small Cabin and House Pics

Lovely quaint cabin in a snowy setting

Tiny houses are in! Why are people becoming more and more inspired by small homes? The reason is simple — they’re more personal, more intimate, and best of all, more sustainable than shoddy suburban mansions and inefficient, conventional American homes. Droves of people are making the move to live more simply, and more small.

It should be no surprise that interest in living in tiny houses has been increasing rapidly over the past few years.

Along that line, there have been a number of books and publications dedicated to building small. Personally, I love just browsing through images of small spaces for inspiration for my own building projects. Naturally, I was happy to stumble upon this fantastic website — free cabin porn, a collection of hundreds of high quality images of small cabins around the globe. Wow!

The site is well-maintained and updated regularly with inspiring images of well-built small cabins. Feast your eyes on it!

Image credit: free cabin porn


  1. Adam Parker

    The picture is really inspiring, and I have always loved small houses more than large cottages or city apartments. I am currently considering moving to a tiny house in the countryside, it won’t be a problem for me to get to my office or do shopping, as I have a car.

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