Small Living Spaces: Better for You and the Environment [Infographic]

small living spaces infographic

While the “Great Recession” probably contributed greatly to the growth of the “tiny house” movement in recent years, there’s also plenty of evidence that bigger really isn’t better when it comes to living space. Sure, you can spread out and have more room for your stuff… but you’ve also got more to clean, more to heat and cool, and more to maintain. And, of course, a bigger home means more debt and expense.  Small living spaces have a lot to recommend them.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get to work converting a shipping container or otherwise building a tiny house: sharing a larger space with others can lead to the same financial (and environmental) impacts, and also provide a barrier against the loneliness that almost inevitably comes with your own place. Finally… do you really want to have to acquire stuff just for the purpose of filling space??

Dig into this infographic that further explores the many benefits – personal and environmental – that come with small living spaces. And if you deliberately live small, tell us what you get out of it…

Need to see a larger version of the graphic to, you know, actually read it? Just click on it…

Compact Living Infographic - Why Small Living Might Be A Better For You
Infographic via: CompactAppliance.com

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