Make Smart Green Choices with these Fifteen Smartphone Apps

In many ways, technology has contributed to pollution, deforestation, climate change, and other environmental challenges that we currently face. Not all technology is equal, however. Information technology can propel you forward and help you make smarter and more eco-friendly lifestyle choices. These fifteen smart phone apps provide much of the information you need for those choices.

Adopt a Greener Diet

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  • Locavore – This app will guide you to the nearest farms so you can easily buy fresh, local produce. It even offers healthy recipes to help you use your finds at meal time.
  • Fooducate – Scan various products at the grocery store and this app will give them a grade so you can decide which are the greenest and healthiest buys.
  • Seasonal Harvest – Each week you’ll get a new list of the seasonal fruits and vegetables in your area so you can shop for the freshest local goods.
  • Seafood Watch App – Always choose the most environmentally friendly fish in any season. This app gives you information on the fishery status and market for various types of fish as well as alternative suggestions.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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  • Carbon Track – Using your GPS movements as a guide, this app will give you a strikingly accurate picture of your carbon footprint. As you take actions to reduceΒ it, the app will show your progress.
  • Green Outlet – This app calculates energy usage from your appliances. Use it to decide which appliances to upgrade first and how to adjust your usage.
  • GreenYou – If you’re having trouble cutting down on your carbon footprint yourself, this app will give you a customized Green Plan that will help you shrink that footprint and make a real change.

Make Smart Shopping Choices

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  • Tissue Guide – Learn which products are eco-friendly. This app identifies those madeΒ from sustainably-harvested timber.
  • Light Bulb Finder – This app will help you choose the best and most eco-friendly bulbs for every socket in the house.
  • Find Green App – Locate green businesses around town for all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a farmer’s market with local product or a yoga studio that’s committed to green living practices, this is the place to start your search.
  • The Good Guide – Learn about the environmental and social responsibility of all kinds of purchases from cleaning products to toys. Simply scan your item with this app and get detailed information for more than 65,000 products.

Learn the Facts

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  • Project Noah – Get closer to the earth and learn more about local wildlife with this app. You can take part in ecological missions, track local wildlife spottings, or see what creatures are prevalent in your area.
  • Eco Buzz – This green app will give your phone a whole new look. It adds the latest environmental news and facts to your home screen.
  • Environmental Educator – Daily videos and weekly news topics will keep you up to date on the latest information in the eco-friendly sector.
  • Fragile Earth – The stunning images available in this app will show you the way the world has changed over the years. There’s no better motivator to start making changes in the way you live.

These apps are easily downloadable to your Samsung cell phone or other mobile phone as many of them are available on multiple networks. With 2013 finally here, many people are looking for ways to go green; these applications can give you an excellent start.

Philip Cohen is a graduate of San Diego State University, with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Public Relations. In his spare time he likes to write technology articles and gadget reviews. He’s a nerd with a passion for a better future.

  1. Irene Gillooly

    I was quite excited by the Locavore app, since I sell as well as buy at several Farmers Markets. But over a couple days I was not able to get through even the set up process for this application, and have heard nothing from the company in spite of emailed pleas for assistance. I deleted it. Good idea. Doesn’t work.

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