SNI Offers Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Personally, I’ve never had much luck with affiliate marketing, but that likely only demonstrates my lack of sales savvy. Some bloggers and webmasters swear by it. If you’re interested in such opportunities, St. Louis’ own Solar Night Industries has started an affiliate program in conjunction with the opening of its new online store:

The SolarNightStore.com is a fully integrated e-commerce platform that allows the Company to market solar and renewable energy products direct to the global market and consumers. The SNI Affiliate Marketing Program, is a web based infrastructure that enables other companies to partner with SNI in the marketing and sales of solar products. …

The Solar Night Affiliate Marketing program can be accessed by visiting: http://www.solarnightstore.com/affiliate.

So far, I’ve enjoyed a very cordial email exchange with company president Jason Loyet, and I’m happy to see a company like Solar Night doing business in St. Louis. I’m sure Jason and others at SNI would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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