So, What’s the Verdict on Ahh-nold?

The blogosphere and MSM were all abuzz earlier this week over Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signing of the Greenhouse Gas Executive Order for California, which established greenhouse gas emissions reductions for the state. Now the evaluations begin. The Composter has a decidedly mixed reaction, as does Sheryl Eisenberg of the NRDC Action Fund blog. The Sierra Club’s Daily Scoop has a run-down of other reactions.

Like Eisenberg, I must say that I’m impressed that Arnold did say what few others in his party are willing to: “As of today, California is going to be the leader in the fight against global warming. I say the debate is over. We know the science, we see the threat, and the time for action is now.” That certainly couldn’t have made the big oil and gas companies happy. But, I’ll take a “wait-and-see” attitude for now, as I’m guessing he left the signing ceremony in either a big limo or one of those monstrous Hummers he loves so much.

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