Another Solar Calculator that Demonstrates Savings, Earning Potential: Cost of Solar

cost of solar solar calculator

A few months ago, I retold the story of being (tangentially) involved in the development of an online solar calculator for consumers. We never quite got there, so I’m always impressed when I find a tool like this online: I know it takes a lot of work and knowledge to create such resource.

Cost of Solar does many of the same things as Geostellar, but while the latter tended to focus on holding a consumer’s hand through the many steps involved in considering a solar purchase or lease, the former highlights the saving, and even earning, potential created by solar power. This very brief video encapsulates their approach to educating consumers about the benefits of solar:

That doesn’t mean Cost of Solar ignores the environmental benefits of a home solar system; it just “front loads” the economic information (which even the greenest of us need to know). Β Fortunately, they’ve got an easy task there, as costs continue to drop on solar panels, and options like leases/power purchase agreements create “no upfront cost” opportunities.

As with Geostellar, I “kicked the tires” on Cost of Solar. The site also generates a report for you; you do have to share contact information in order to get that report, though, as they’re generating sales leads for their network of solar service providers. I didn’t request my report – I already know that my home’s got some serious issues for a solar installation – but the questions asked showed me that the site gathers the right kind of information to create a useful evaluation.

So, Cost of Solar strikes me as a worthwhile option if you’re serious about going solar. If you’ve gone farther with it than I did, share your experience with us.

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  1. Scott Cooney

    I got my solar report through the website Cost of Solar, and a day later a cool solar contractor gave me a call to discuss my options. We’re now installing a system on my house in Colorado, and the cost/benefit is about exactly as was described by the report I got from COS’s website. I’m getting a great system with SunPower panels, and the ROI is solid. The system will pay for itself in about 10 years and I’ll benefit from free power for many many years thereafter.

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