Looking for Solar DIY Projects? Voltaic’s Got ’em…

solar diy projects at voltaicWant to put solar panels on the house? Start saving… solar power is a great investment, but it is an investment… often a hefty one. If you’d like to get started with something a little less ambitious (but more affordable), you’ll find a number of good sources out there for a whole range of solar DIY projects. Voltaic, best known for its solar backpack, has joined more well-known sites such as Gary Reysa‘s Build It Solar and Mother Earth News with its own collection of do-it-yourself projects.

So far, the collection is small… but there are already some really cool projects available:


  • Want to charge your phone while you’re on your bike? Check out the solar bike panniers.
  • How about keeping your garden watered? Luke Iseman’s Garduino monitors soil moisture, and waters when needed.
  • Need wireless access? Build your own mobile solar hotspot.

Not only is does this look like a promising source of DIY projects, but it’s also a smart move by Voltaic: you can buy many of the parts you’ll need for projects through their site. Projects include prices of parts, so you’ll have a good idea of the cost upfront…They’ll definitely need more projects available to compete with some of the bigger sites in this space, but they’re already off to a good start.

What do you think, do-it-yourselfers? Know of other good sites for solar diy? Share ’em below…

Image credit: Voltaic

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