Ten Solar Gadgets for the Eco-Adventurer

#1 The Scorpion


Have no fear. This solar-kinetic hybrid stings nothing but photons, stealing their solar electrons with its integrated solar cell. From Eton, maker of all things kinetically powered, the Scorpion charges various electronic gadgets, including GPS, phones and MP3 players. It can also access weather reports through NOAA bands, broadcast radio and even comes with a built-in LED flashlight. Add to that a walkie-talkie-sized design that includes a bottle opener and aluminum carabineer, and you have everything a survivalist could hope for. The Scorpion retails for $50, although more powerful and subsequently more expensive options are available.

  1. Russ Wright

    These are all great products! The Solar Light Cap would have been a great contender for the list as well! It provides 3-4 hours of light from a full day’s charge of its built in solar panel and has 4 modes including Alert, SOS, Strobe and Dimmer. It is weatherproof and provides over 5000 hours of free light from the sun through 2 ultra bright LED lights. Check it out at http://www.currentwear.com.

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