Ten Solar Gadgets for the Eco-Adventurer

#5 Solar Tent

solar tent

This one will be a breakthrough, if it ever gets to us. For several years now, the folks at Orange and Kaleidoscope have been developing the Orange Solar Concept Tent. A version of the tent was used as far back as 2003 at the Glastonbury music festival in England. The word is that they’re working on a model designed for campers, enabling us to really get off-grid for the weekend, although forested or shaded campsites could be an issue. The truly cool thing about the Concept Tent is its use of photovoltaic fabric, where solar “threads” are interwoven with conventional fabric. If they can get a larger, event-focused version widespread, then a model made for the eco-adventurer can’t be far behindβ€”still in the works but worth mentioning. Here’s the latest from Orange as well as some images.

Image credit: NeilsPhotography at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

  1. Russ Wright

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