Ten Solar Gadgets for the Eco-Adventurer

#8 Solar Bike Bag

solar bike bag

First of a few solar gadgets for the cyclist. The solar bicycle bag is a somewhat stylish, pannier-like bag that attaches to the frame or handlebars of a bicycle. There it will hold your cell phone, music player, camera or even iPad, and keep them charged and ready for use. The lid of the bag is adorned with a flexible solar panel that charges a battery inside, which in turn powers up your assorted gadgetry. It also comes with straps for easy conversion from bike bag to shoulder bag.

Image credit: corrinely at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

  1. Russ Wright

    These are all great products! The Solar Light Cap would have been a great contender for the list as well! It provides 3-4 hours of light from a full day’s charge of its built in solar panel and has 4 modes including Alert, SOS, Strobe and Dimmer. It is weatherproof and provides over 5000 hours of free light from the sun through 2 ultra bright LED lights. Check it out at http://www.currentwear.com.

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