Some “Inside Information” for the Starbuck’s Challenge

Apologies for my absence yesterday — one of those rare days where I simply didn’t get much computer time…

While I haven’t had a chance to test out a Starbucks store, I did quiz my step-daughter last night: I asked her “What would happen if I went into your store and asked for a cup of fair trade coffee?” Her response mirrored the experience several other people have had: I’d likely be told “It’s not the coffee of the day/week,” and if I insisted, I’d be offered the French press option Ian mentioned in a comment (and others have reported). For the record, she works for a store in one of St. Louis’ “inner ring” suburbs. Apparently, the 20th of the month is designated “fair trade coffee day,” though they’re considering making it a coffee of the week.

I’ll still do the actual going in and asking… got lots of grading to do this weekend, so a visit to a coffee shop (though I prefer our neighborhood shop, which sells nothing but fair trade and organic coffees, and is in walking distance) will be in order.

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