South Central Farmers Hours Away from Eviction

In March, I posted about the South Central Farm, a 14-acre sustainable community farm in the middle of one of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods. While the farmers have managed to extend the battle in court for an extra two months, tomorrow at 10 am PST, the Sheriff’s department will start enforcing the eviction order against the farmers. A protest is planned to coincide with the 10 am deadline, so if you’re in the area, go give the farmers your support.

The plight of the farm has attracted celebrity support: Leonardo DiCaprio is featured on the front page of the farm’s website, and Daryl Hannah has a video posted about the farm, with the farmers themselves speaking about it, on her new vlog, dhlovelife.com. Tom Morello of AudioSlave is featured in the video playing for the farmers. Let’s hope that they have some pull here, although I fear the money will win out.

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