South Central Farmers Win Temporary Stay of Eviction

From Democracy Now! via The Blue Voice, L.A.’s South Central Farm has won a temporary reprieve:

South Central Farm Wins Temporary Eviction Delay
…in Los Angeles, a group of urban farmers say they’ve won a court order to delay their eviction from land they’ve tended for over thirty years. Tenants of the South Central Farm are battling the city and a local real estate developer who plans to build commercial property on the land. The 14-acre property hosts the largest urban farm in the United States. 350 families use the farm to grow a multitude of crops. The stay will be in effect until at least next Monday. In a statement released on their website, www.SouthCentralFarmers.com, the group said: β€œTo our knowledge, we can only be guaranteed to stall the eviction for days. This week will be critical in the history and fate of the farm. The farmers have been keeping up this fight for three years, but its victory is in the hands of the people.”

As I noted in an update the other day, the real problem doesn’t appear to be with the City government, but with the property owner who wants to sell/lease the land for a warehouse that would primarily serve Wal-Mart. So, while sending email to the mayor’s office keeps this issue in the mind of some important people, it looks like the City’s hands are tied. Is anyone up for a title search to see who owns this parcel of land? The Farm’s website also lists activities in support of SCF this week.

Update: Tom Philpott has more details on this at Gristmill.

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