Springboard Offers Funds for “Thinking Green”

From the UK’s Evening Times, a report on the Springboard fund, designed to support green innovation by companies in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Organised by Shell, Springboard will provide a financial boost for firms which create a product or an idea which is innovative, will lead to greenhouse gas reductions and is commercially viable.

Awards of between Β£20,000 and Β£40,000 will be made in early 2006 and six businesses will then be chosen for further recognition….

The idea behind the fund is that the business response to climate change need not be all about compliance and cost.

For those with vision, society’s need to reduce emissions can also be seen as a positive business opportunity.

While sustainablog readers don’t need to be reminded of that last point, I’m glad to see the private sector in Great Britain getting behind this concept in such a tangible way.

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