Rebel Tart’s Cindy Brown Uses Recycled Materials to Compete in Saint Louis Fashion Week

wedding gown made from used dryer sheetsSaint Louis Fashion Week, presented by Brown Show Company, kicks off next week (Oct. 11-15). The city’s most glamorous and stylish fashion designers, retailers and fanatics will fill the streets to celebrate the latest trends in the fashion world. Each night will feature exciting New York-style runway shows, live music and cocktail hours. The proceeds raised will support a different local charity.

The festivities will begin with the annual Brown Shoe: Project Design runway show showcasing St. Louis’ hottest six designers. Each finalist received the majority of votes in an online competition to win a coveted chance to present an original collection at Project Design. The winner will receive the title of St. Louis’ newest up-and-coming designer and so much more.

I caught up with finalist, Cindy Brown of Rebel Tart, for a quick chat to learn how she’ll be incorporating recycled fabrics and other sustainable materials into her “insanely fabulous fashion” collection.

Talancia Pea: Where do you get the recycled fabrics for your garments?

Cindy Brown: I get most of my recycled fabrics from thrift stores, garage sales and non-profit craft stores. There is a place called Leftovers, Etc. in St. Charles where I’ve picked up toilet paper rolls and donated fabrics to reuse into something fabulous!

TP: What type of eco-friendly garments have you made (dresses, shirts, etc.)?

CB: I’ve made dresses out of shower curtains, pillow cases, used dryer sheets, car parts, toilet paper rolls (not all in the same outfit, ha ha). You name it, there’s a good chance I’ve experimented with it. I see the world in materials now, not just what the objects were designed for.

TP: Will you be showing any garments made from eco-friendly materials in the Project Design show?

CB: I will be showing two garments, both donated fabrics purchased from Leftovers, Etc. One is a fitted pencil mini skirt and the other is a ridiculously awesome vest shrug.

skirt cindy brown will show at st louis fashion week
The skirt Cindy will show at St. Louis Fashion Week

TP: How do eco-friendly garments help you to achieve your mission to bring out the inner Rebel in everyone?

CB: Eco-friendly garments made from unconventional materials and recycled fabrics really convey the passion for individuality that I thrive on. I can make one-of-a-kind or limited quantities of pieces that retain a sense of uniqueness and a little extra special feeling.

Unconventional garments really have a way of opening one’s eyes to be bold, to be daring and to be different. If you fall in love with something, you should wear it no matter what the “norm” is. Normal is boring, standing out from the crowd is empowering!

Save the date for Project Design and STL Fashion Week to see how Cindy will use eco-friendly materials in her Rebel Tart collection and so much more. You can contact her at [email protected] or on her Facebook page.

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