St. Louis’ First Green Children’s Store: Verde Kids

verde kids green store in saint louis
St. Louis' own Verde Kids... a green children's store

There are countless things parents may worry about when caring for their child(ren) but having a place to shop that provides 100% earth friendly products can be crossed off of the list. Verde Kids of St. Louis is the first “green” store catering to the needs of children from birth to age eight. It offers an array of organic baby and children’s clothing and locally-made laundry detergent to keep them clean. It also features a safe, interactive play area stocked full of toys made from renewable materials for your kids to enjoy in the store or take home.

“We have something for people that have purchased green products in the past and are excited to be able to buy things locally and others who are new to green products and are learning a lot while they look around,” said Verde Kids’ owner, Jessica Kester.

The daughter of environmentalists, Kester has always tried to find ways to leave the planet better than she found it. She worked 10 years at two environmental non-profits to educate families on how their actions impact nature and the environment. After some consideration, Kester decided it was time to pursue a lifelong dream of owning a small business that would help the next generation become more responsible shoppers.

“Verde Kids is a great way to introduce St. Louis consumers to companies that are creating great products in an environmentally friendly way.Β My advice to other green entrepreneurs would be to travel and soak up inspiration from similar companies around the country to develop your own spin that will be appropriate for St. Louis,” said Kester.

Verde Kids has a great selection of gifts for baby showers and birthdays, and tree-free, 100% recycled greeting cards to go along with them. This is just one example of how we, the consumers, can help the planet by requesting that store owners provide eco-friendly products (toxic-free, minimal packaging, etc.). We’re on our way to no longer needing β€œgreen” stores!

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