Starbuck’s Challenge 3.0

I suppose the main reason I haven’t been a big participant in the Starbuck’s Challenge is that I hardly ever visit Starbuck’s — local shops are more convenient, even walkable in one case, and they do much better in terms of selling Fair Trade coffee. Still, I’m very happy to see that City Hippy’s and Green LA Girl’s joint venture is moving ahead. Version 3.0 of the Challenge involves signing on to a letter to Starbuck’s demanding to know why the company hasn’t responded more forcefully to the findings of Starbuck’s challengers from around the globe. On December 16th, “City Hippy and green LA girl will go to Starbucks with the letter and demand some concrete details as to what the company plans to do, if anything.”

Finally, if you’re finding out about version 3.0 here at sustainablog, make sure to say so when you sign the letter — I’d love to win one of the cool prizes they’re offering…;-)

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