The State Of The Earth In 50 Years [Infographic]

state of the earth infographic selection

We often talk in general terms about the impact of current choices and practices on the planet… but what specific effects will our current actions have on the future Earth? This infographic from ReusethisBag.com and our friends at Nowsourcing digs into what the world might look like in 50 years based (largely) on our current rates of consumption and waste production.

Take a look at the details shared in this infographic, and tell us what you think. Is this a fairly accurate representation of what we’re setting future generations up for?

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State of the Earth in 50 Years

  1. NRG4All

    Around 1700 the Earth’s human population was 750 million. Two hundred years later around 1900 the number was 1.5 billion. By 1960 the number was 3 billion. 1998 saw the number at 6 billion and today estimates are that we are somewhere around 7.2 billion. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this is leading and yet some religions espouse large families. We have met the enemy and they are us.

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