Staying Home to Create Your Green Dream Job

the home-based business person wears many hats
Running a home-based business involves wearing many hats…

The Emotional Rewards

Emotionally, Parent Coaching is very satisfying to me. It feeds me on so many levels. Each bullet point of this article has a component of emotional satisfaction. Here is the condensed list.

  • I get to help people. Being of service is a key component to who I am. I help people understand themselves and stop passing on their own wounds and self-sabotaging habit to their children.
  • My girls and I have the ability to touch base with each other throughout the day. I can homeschool, have adventures, learning, and play with my girls in the morning and still get 5 hours of work in the afternoon. Especially since my children are still young, it satisfies me emotionally to be so connected with them in their daily lives.
  • I am creating this business with the help of a good friend. It is important to me to share not just fun social activities but also productive work time with friends and life-partners.
  • I am building this business within an ecovillage community. I get to walk out my door and see people I like and love on a daily basis. By having a geographically independent business I am able to live in this wonderful community where I get to learn to partner dance, share in a weekly women’s circle, sing in song circle, join hands before sharing meals, and share expensive infrastructure like kitchens and showers. I could not live here if I was tied to a business that required me to meet with people face to face.

What does emotional happiness and balance look like to you? Does your work encourage a healthy balance of emotional expression? Do you love what you do?

The Spiritual Benefits

I believe that through helping parents understand themselves better and parent better, I am helping to create a more peaceful world.

  • I get to help the world be a better place. When parents pass on fewer of their wounds and are able to help their children shine then we build a more sustainable world. Not only are we happier, but we don’t have to wound ourselves, others, and the earth when we act out of our own pain. We are able to be lights of healing in the world rather than spreaders of pain and more trauma. When we aren’t so busy ignoring, repressing, feeding, or denying our own pain, we have room for empathy for the earth and for other people and creatures. We don’t do the same acts of environmental degradation because our empathy has not been so stunted and shut down.
  • I love to be of service and to help people have the experience that their worlds make more sense and that they can have both control of and surrender to their destinies.
  • The green aspects of this work make it more sustainable. The electricity I use comes from photovoltaics with grid intertie. The heat for my home comes from passive solar and carbon-neutral wood heat. Both of these things help with reducing global warming.
  • Being able to work and live at Dancing Rabbit satisfies a spiritual need for interconnectedness in the daily lives of my fellow human beings, with the land, and with natural resources. The geographic independence of my work allows me to live in a location that nourishes my spirit.

The best things about this work fall into all four categories. For instance, the physical generation of electricity from photovoltaics and heat from passive solar and wood feels very emotionally satisfying and safe as it meets my intellectual need for intelligent design and my spiritual need for respecting the earth and the interconnectedness of all beings.

What does spiritual health look like to you? Does your work take you closer to or farther away from your connection to a divine energy? Do you feel more or less connected with your own sense of purpose and life-goals through your work?

Kassandra Brown is looking forward to spring, gardening, and hearing from you. She works with clients over Skype and phone from her home at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.

Image credit: Paul Mayne via photopin cc

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