Stop the Sneak Attack in Congress on Organic Standards

From the Organic Consumers Association via Soapwire, an action alert concerning an impending vote (possibly today) on

a β€œrider” to the 2006 Agriculture Appropriations Bill that will reduce control over organic standards from the National Standards Board and put this control in the hands of federal bureaucrats in the USDA (remember the USDA proposal in 1997-98 that said that genetic engineering, toxic sludge, and food irradiation would be OK on organic farms, or USDA suggestions in 2004 that heretofore banned pesticides, hormones, tainted feeds, and animal drugs would be OK?).

Just checked the Roll Call Vote Summary, and a vote hasn’t been recorded yet… hopefully, there’s still time to get the word to your Senator that such watering down of organic standards is unacceptable.

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