Student to Travel the World Studying Commercial Solar Power

A student with a passion for seeing solar energy developed globally, Arizona State University’s Steven Limpert now has the funds to continue his studies in a big way.

The third-year ASU student is the latest recipient of the Circumnavigators Club Foundation grant—one that he will use to study the development and commercialization of solar energy in a handful of key countries. The $9,000 grant will take Limpert to six countries in 12 weeks. On the list are Spain, Germany, India, Bangladesh, Japan and Australia.

In each country he plans on meeting with top researchers, policy makers and business people to get a better understanding of each nation’s relationship to solar technology.

Awarded to only four students per year, the Circumnavigators Club Foundation grant has been used to fund travel-study trips for a variety of subjects, from human rights to diverse economic systems.

Given the spike in interest on renewable energy, it seems only fitting that Limpert, an active participant in the ASU Solar Laboratory, be the next student to circumnavigate the globe.

By understanding how governments around the world fund solar energy projects, perhaps this dedicated student will be the next to make a huge impact on the renewable energy market.

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Photo Credit: Lily Andersen via Flickr CC

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