Super Bowl Fans ‘Geaux’ Green While Giving Back to New Orleans and the Environment

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Football fans across the country are teaming up with the New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee in the “Geaux Green” challenge to make Super Bowl XLVII and its festivities as sustainable as possible. Don’t worry; there are ways you, too, can be a part of the action. You can get involved with an organization giving back to both the city and environment, commit to making small changes towards a “greener” lifestyle, and/or make low carbon travel arrangements.

Get In the Game

There’s a starting position for anyone willing to partner with New Orleans-based organizations to make a big difference in the lives of residents and the Earth. You can help members of Hike for KaTreena to reach its goal of planting 7,000 trees, which were destroyed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, by Super Bowl Sunday, February 3.

Or if you are more interested in fashion, you can support REpurposingNOLA in creating eco-chic, designer clothes, handbags and accessories from completely reclaimed materials. You can view a complete list of organizations having a huge impact in the Big Easy here.

Score Big by Saving More

Everyone who signs up to play the “Geaux Green” game pledges to make small changes towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle over the course of a year. Fans can choose from a list of tasks including flipping power strips off when electronics are not in use to save energy or shortening shower times to reduce water consumption.

Your home team gets a point for every pledge you commit to carrying out. As of lately New Orleans is in first place with 857 pledges, Denver is in second place with 221 and Green Bay is in third place with 153. Check your team’s standings here.

While the Super Bowl prize pack is no longer up for grabs, fans have collectively saved nearly 23 million pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. Now that’s worthy of a sterling silver trophy!

Tackle Carbon Emissions

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, consider more eco-friendly modes of transportation to the big game and its festivities like walking, bicycling, public transit or carpooling. Bike Easy of New Orleans will be providing bicycle valet service to patrons throughout the weekend. Public transportation also will be available around the city; so you can skip the traffic jams and expensive gas bills, all the while lessening your carbon footprint.

Get off of the sidelines today and help make Super Bowl XLVII the most sustainable sporting event of them all. Learn more about the “Geaux Green” challenge on Facebook and Twitter.

Image credit: David Reber’s Hammer Photography via photopin cc

  1. LaQuinta Shelvin

    Great post!! Makes me want to pitch in the activities..! Giving back as we enjoy such an epic event in an epic city..

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