Sustainability Education at the Earthways Center

While the Earthways Center itself serves to educate St. Louisans on more sustainable living, the staff is also involved in producing educational resources for schools, businesses, community agencies and homeowners. Educational resources include In the Air, Leadership in Environmental Actions Projects (LEAP), School Energy Efficiency Development (SEED), and The Eight-Step Action Plan.

Pledge update: The pledges continue to trickle in — I’m quite happy with what we’ve received considering we still have just under a month until Blogging ‘Round the Clock. Keep in mind that the pledge you make goes to support innovative educational programs like the ones above as well as keeping the Earthways Center up, running and open to the public.

Contributor update:
Wow! We’ve got quite an array of bloggers donating posts to Blogging ‘Round the Clock. In addition to the folks I’ve already mentioned, we’ll also have posts from Dave Roberts of Gristmill, Jamais Cascio of WorldChanging, Dave Pollard of How to Save the World, Jacqui of Enviropundit, Paul Schmelzer from Eyeteeth and Adbusters, Ivan Storck from SustainableMarketing.com, Brian Patton from BrianPatton.org, and Nick Aster from TriplePundit. I’m still open to post donations, so email me if you’re interested.

One More Thing You Can Do: Help me spread the word. Many thanks to Steve Balogh and Tom Strohmeyer for announcing Blogging ‘Round the Clock on their blogs. I’d certainly be grateful to anyone else who would let their readers know about our celebration. I’ll be sending out a press release within the next couple of weeks, so you can wait for it if you like, or go ahead and get the word out.

Many thanks to all of you for your kind words of encouragement. This has been a really gratifying effort so far!

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