sustainablog’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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Avoid the last-minute gifts… for the love of God and all that’s holy!

Struggling with gift ideas? Definitely want to stay away from the mall? I’m with you on both counts – Christmas shopping is right up there with major dental work on my list of favorite things. But there are people in you life whom you want to give a gift during the holiday celebrations, and you want that gift to be something that’ll be meaningful. If you’ve got a good greenie on this list, here’s our small list of some unique ideas (which can all be bought online!).

Games Greenies Play

Got a potential business mogul on your list? Why not steer them towards environmental responsibility in their entrepreneurial pursuits. The board game GBO Hawai’iΒ “brings sustainability to life in a fun, interactive way,” according to Sustainable Industries Magazine. And if you find that someone in your home or circle of friends really gets into the game, you can always follow it up with a copy of game creator Scott Cooney’s book Build a Green Small Business: Profitable Ways to Become an Ecopreneur (yes, that’s an affiliate link… and Scott’s a friend and colleague here at Important Media). Check out the introduction video to get a fuller sense of the game:

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