Best of sustainablog ’09: Your Favorite Posts

new years eve

With just a few hours until 2010, I thought I’d take a quick look back at some of the posts you liked this year (or, at least, that got a lot of pageviews). Look for more of this kind of content in the New Year… we’re ready to roll!

  1. Eat Chips, Save Trash: One L.A. Guy’s Almost Zero-waste Year: Our most popular post of the year introduced Dave Chameides, an LA resident who radically reduced his amount of trash in ’08… while still eating chips and drinking beer. Thanks to Low Impact Living for sharing this one…
  2. The Top Causes of Global Warming: Natural or Human?: It is a bit of a shame that we still have to answer this question, but people are still asking… so I was happy to cover some of the evidence pointing to the primary impact of human activity on climate change.
  3. Honey Bees on Cocaine Change Ideas about the Insect Brain: Gavin Hudson took a look at an unusual experiment with honey bees… and what it taught us about insect behavior.
  4. 12 Greenest Colleges and Universities in the U.S.: Tim Hurst’s overview of the colleges and universities taking giant strides towards sustainability was a huge reader favorite…
  5. Boxed Water, Anyone?: Is boxed water better than bottled water? Sean Sullivan examined the broader concept of water in disposable containers… and wasn’t particularly impressed with this “greener” alternative.
  6. Standardized Cell Phone Chargers are on Their Way: Think product-specific phone chargers are nuts? So did Robin Shreeves, who found out that the phone manufacturing industry was finally getting it on standardized chargers.
  7. The 10 Greenest Cities in the U.S.: Tom Schueneman took a look at MNN‘s list of the top green cities in the United States. Not many surprises here, but lots of great examples for other localities…
  8. Pesticide Lobby Bugged by Michelle Obama’s White House Organic Garden: We loved the new White House organic garden… but, according to Elizabeth Balkan, a pesticide trade group did not… imagine that!
  9. Rethinking Food Production for a World of Eight Billion: We were thrilled when the Earth Policy Institute joined Environmental Defense Fund as a non-profit contributor to sustainablog… this post illustrates why.
  10. Cash for Clunkers: What Will They Do with all Those Old Cars?: Everyone was talking about Cash for Clunkers… including Robin Shreeves, who wanted to know what would happen to the old cars traded in.

All of those posts were published when sustainablog was a member of the GO Media Network… here are a couple that you’ve liked since we went back out on our own:

  • Stabilizing Climate: Beyond International Agreements: Lester Brown’s pre-Copenhagen musings on the state of geopolitics and global warming were right on the money…
  • Goat Song: Rediscovering Food by Raising Goats: ziggy’s review of Brad Kessler’s Goat Song showed the wisdom of small-scale food production in an every-industrialized world.

We’re so grateful for your support of sustainablog during 2009, and hope you’ll keep coming back. Got a favorite post from the year that didn’t get listed? Share it below… we’d love to know what you liked!

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/linh_rom/ / CC BY 2.0

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