sustainablog Hosts the Carnival of the Green

Several months ago, I requested to host the Carnival of the Green for this Memorial Day weekend. I meant to get a post up earlier in the week, but, obviously, I’ve been rather tied up… But the Carnival will be here on Monday for a special holiday edition. Please pass along your posts to me.

Despite my lack of posting here, I have been thinking a lot about sustainablog — as I’ve said over and over, it’s my baby. Unfortunately, I simply haven’t been able to give my baby the attention it deserves.

So, once the Carnival post is up on Monday, sustainablog will officially be on indefinite hiatus. I’m following the model set by good blog buddy Al Tepper (aka City Hippy). I hate to have the blog just sitting here gathering dust, so I’d rather close it for now while I can’t give it (and sustainablog readers) the attention it (they) deserves. I hope to restart it at some point, but know I can’t promise that — Green Options is taking up the lion’s share of my time, and I am still writing at Treehugger (though on a lighter schedule than before).

It’s been almost four years since I put up that first post of a few lines, and I’ve been incredibly grateful for the attention it’s received since then. I hope you’ll come by Green Options and/or Treehugger to say “Hi!”



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